With the smoke still settling from his epic collaboration with none other than DJ Diesel (aka Shaquille O’Neal for the uninitiated), FREAKY drops a massive 12-track album on Subsidia designed to prove that he’s at the top of his game.

While the album is stacked with rib-rattling bits ranging from the aforementioned “Backbreaker” with DJ Diesel to another of our favorite cuts off the project, “Block” featuring Blvk Sheep in collab mode, it’s the versatility on display that elevates this one into journey territory.

Determined to make a statement with the album, FREAKY is adamant that it not be seen as a mere collection of his greatest and latest hits but rather “a direct representation of who I have become as an artist and as a man.”

The evolution can be see in the ways in which FREAKY explores both the melodic and the heavy sides of dubstep. With the stunning contribution of vocalists like GLNNA helping bring his vision to life, FREAKY tells us that the album serves as an expression of the past three years of his life:

“This is my evolution, this is my Duality.”

With heavyweight artists ranging from DJ Diesel, High Zombie, Chassi, and more helping bring this one to life, there’s no understating how epic and personal this project is to FREAKY and of course, his fans.

This one’s out now via Subsidia Records so dive into the journey below: