[Free Download] Adam Bomb ft. Rico Act “Darth Vader”
[Free Download] Adam Bomb ft. Rico Act “Darth Vader” Photo by CHØKE Designs

Prepare to have that dome blown as Adam Bomb and Rico Act channel the dark side of the force on this synapse-frying freebie from Adam Bomb’s Fallout 2: Wasteland EP. “Darth Vader” is the first tune to be cut loose and it’s a trapped-out thriller from start to finish. Featuring the ill lyricism of Rico Act, Adam Bomb bridges the gap between the streets and the club with an ever-evolving, rocket-fueled atmosphere sure to bring on the face-melt when the Darth Vader samples sneak on through.

Let this one roll out all the way through to the second drop as Adam Bomb keeps it popping until the very end on this rib-rattling dancefloor smasher.

Check the audio below and be sure to pocket your own copy for free here.