[Free Download] Gentlemens Club “Lost the Plot”
[Free Download] Gentlemens Club “Lost the Plot” Photo by Jacob Khrist

Once again the UK-based trio known as Gentlemens Club sneak up on us and snatch our headbanging heart like a thief in the night. This time around Soloman, Coffi and 50 Carrot lock horns in the studio and kick out the sizzling anabolic beats of a little beast they call “Lost The Plot.” If this is your first time around the GCUK block, don’t let the deceptively smooth intro lull you into putting your defenses down because when the crew fire up the afterburners and shotgun us into the drop proper, all hell is sure to break loose.

From the hypnotic, haunting atmospheres sure to have your hair standing on end on through to the whiplash moment the trio kick down the doors with razor-sharp beats and a chest-rattling hook, this head-twister proves that Gentlemens Club are still at the top of their game when it comes to dropping damage on the dancefloor.

As if that wasn’t enough, the trio are offering the heater up as a free download so unleash the beast below and follow the SoundCloud link to see if you can tame this one in the comfort of your own home.