[Free Download] Pierce Hijacks Bassrush Records
[Free Download] Pierce Hijacks Bassrush Records

The 21-year-old artist known as Pierce stepped onto the scene ready to slay in 2016, and has spent the last few years deep in the lab, quietly learning and crafting his production skills and sound.

Quickly catching the attention of the masses, his Audi EP was a unique mix of high-energy melodies and wall-shaking basslines that led to over a million streams. Now that 2017 is upon us, Pierce promises the best is yet to come as he prepares to open up the vaults and let it all hang out in the coming year.

Since it’s our job at Bassrush to keep you on top of all that goes boom in the night, we tapped Pierce for a wicked two-track single for the Bassrush imprint that features the young producer flexing on a number of fronts. Both tunes are aimed straight at the dancefloor but reveal Pierce’s ability to work a strain of hypnotic futurism into the mix as both “Hijack” and “Set It Off” deliver a healthy dose of aggressive soul.

“With ‘Set It Off’ in particular, I stepped out of my usual element of 150/160bpm and went with a more child dance vibe,” Pierce tells us when asked about how the tune came together. “It’s centered on a nice soul vocal that I made to fit within the track to give it a memorable vocal catchiness. Still, I couldn’t forget to add my usual aggressive sound.”

It’s a sound that has us buzzing at the office so be sure to check the audio and SoundCloud download below.