[Free Download] Smogcast Definitive Mix
[Free Download] Smogcast Definitive Mix

US-based Definitive have been making noise with a string of big releases and airplay from some of dubstep’s finest. Quickly moving up the ranks, the trio has been summoned by none other than SMOG to provide the 46th episode of their podcast, aptly titled Smogcast. The downloadable mix is extensive to say the least, topping out at 67 tracks in less that one hour. The four-deck mix contains strictly dubplates and never-before-released VIPs. Download the filthy offering here and stream below.


1. Definitive x Tokez “Smoke Blunts”
2. Gh0sh x Kozik “Bounce”
3. He$h “Faze Me”
4. Bommer x Crowell “Yasuo” (Stybey Remix)
5. Definitive x Tokez  “Bad Tings” (Definitive VIP)
6. BENZMIXER!!!™ “Savage SixDouble0”
7. Haunta “Psychic Blockz 2015”
8. Kahlil “Want None” (War)
9. Aweminus x Phiso “Sheer Cold”
10. Pavarotti  “Lion Dub”
11. M A Z E  “W H O A”
12. Muk & Pavarotti  “The Collector”
13. Aweminus “Untitled”
14. Tokez “Dropkick”
15. Acting Damage “Shogun”
16. Help7 “Frogs” (Phiso Remix)
17. BENZMIXER!!!™ “Untitled”
18. Ponicz “Technicolour”
19. Bloodthinnerz x M A Z E “O Banana”
20. Definitive “Ultimatum”
21. Le Lion “Positive”
22. Aweminus  “Poison Pit”
23. Funtcase “Keep On Rockin’”
24. Spaow  “Pick Up Phone”
25. Replicant x Definitive  “Blast Off”
26. Aweminus “Wavlength”
27. Rawtee “Alligator”
28. Spaow x Rawtee “Untitled”
29. Aweminus “Untitled”
30. Funtcase “Scorpion”
31. Rawtee “Into the Mouth of Madness”
32. Aweminus “Untitled”
33. Aweminus “Drip Sweat”
34. Definitive x Aweminus “Untitled”
35. M A Z E “Businessman VIP”
36. Blankface “Untitled”
37. Bloodthinnerz “Third Nerve” (Aweminus VIP)
38. M A Z E “Illegal Savage”
39. Tokez “Prime Evil”
40. Aweminus “Mouth Dub”
41. Definitive “Trap House”
42. Obey “Mr. Bounce”
43. Phiso “Wasteland”
44. Shotta “Bruk Wild”
45. Blankface “Untitled”
46. Phiso “Payback”
47. Aweminus “Untitled”
48. Blankface “Untitled”
49. M A Z E “Z00ted!!” (VIP)
50. Cookie Monsta & Funtcase “Ninjas”
51. Haunta “Omega”
52. BENZMIXER!!!™ & Akira “The Circus”
53. Bloodthinnerz & The Argonauts  “Dystopia”
54. Aweminus “Untitled”
55. Warrioez “Off Time”
56. Megalodon & 50 Carrot  “Blocka”
57. Blankface “Evil From Outerspace”
58. Gh0sh “22’s”
59. Aweminus x Definitive “Untitled”
60. Huffa Dubz  “Skank”
61. Aweminus x Haunta  “Fuck Dub”
62. Krimer “Order”
63. Definitive x Rawtee “Gut Him”
64. Kahlil  “Jacked”
65. UZZI “Psychosis”
66. Soloman “Bokeh”
67. Pavarotti  “Tribesmen”