[Free Download] SQUNTO “Justa”
[Free Download] SQUNTO “Justa” Photo by Dana Tarr

Dark and deadly vibes have this one creeping out of the shadows before the full-on onslaught of synapse-twisting illness comes raging through. Built around the rugged vocal sample, “I’m just a astronaut coming back to Earth,” SQUNTO hits it hard with a solid groove that quite simply can’t be fucked with.

From the lurching beat that stomps to the slow burning groove of the top-end squelching and squealing, this is the one to hit when you’re ready to blast the squad through the roof all the way out to the outer edges of the atmosphere.

Another big smasher from SQUNTO and it’s only the first out of four tracks the young producer is dropping for free over the course of the next four weeks, so strap yourselves and keep it locked before hitting that ignition switch below.