Nëu Music continues to impressively showcase the very best elements of Phace and Misanthrop’s Neosignal vision. For the latest release on the imprint, the crew lock in a pair of tech-driven drum and bass experiments from the 20 year-old known as Freshney.

Hailing from Bristol, UK, a familiar stomping ground for things that go bump in the night, Freshney’s debut reveals a goosebump-inducing vision that merges the dark and the light in an impressive way. With both cuts on the release designed to work on the dancefloor as much as they do in the headphones, Bassrush is proud to offer up “In Pieces” as an exclusive premiere as we feel it captures the essence of Freshney’s approach to song-writing and genre in general.

Retro sci-fi vibes ease the listener into a swirling hypnotic atmosphere that ramps up in intensity until the bass-driven groove comes firing in full force. The stuttering hook at the center keeps the pressure as the left-leaning melancholia seeps from the pores and drives you into a dreamlike mid-tune bridge worthy of a film soundtrack.

From here on out, Freshney really elevates the game as he’s obviously not satisfied with merely cutting and pasting the first half of the tune into the second as an outro. Instead, Freshney continues to tug at your emotions with an orchestral build that tunes at your heart strings as the elements slowly congeal and pull up into a soothing, almost meditative breakbeat driven interlude that sets the stage for a soft landing.

It’s a jaw-dropping debut and one that paves the way for even bigger projects from Freshney sure to come in the new year. For now, check the exclusive Bassrush premiere of this one before the full release drops on October 2nd via Nëu Music and lock in your pre-save/download here.