FRQ NCY has given us a taste of his upcoming EP with a new track, “Love + Hate,” which offers “a more melodic and uplifting vibe to provide some dynamicness and diversity to the forthcoming EP,” says the producer himself. 

The track immediately entices with its angelic intro, and then assaults with its devilish bass that hits in just the right frequencies. Similar to the polar emotions felt from both ends of the love spectrum, the contrasting sounds fight back and forth with one another to create a harmonious balance. The glitchy details and dreamy synths give the song a liquid feel, which will start to make you feel like melting away. 

It’s different from the other tracks on the EP,” he adds, “but it fits nicely regarding the concept I wanted to bring.”

After hearing the equally vibey and heavy moods of “Love + Hate,” we can’t wait to see what FRQ NCY has in store for the rest of his forthcoming release.

‘Love + Hate’ is out now on all platforms →