Full Send to Bassrush Massive with SAYMYNAME
Full Send to Bassrush Massive with SAYMYNAME

As we get hyped for Bassrush Massive next weekend, the self-proclaimed godfather of hard trap known as SAYMYNAME delivers an exclusive playlist to get us hyped for what’s to come! With a full array of heaters included in this playlist, there is no doubt SAYMYNAME’s set will be one of the most anticipated ones on the lineup. Having properly rocked out the bassPOD at EDC Las Vegas this year, we’re certain his set at Bassrush Massive will be an extra spicy one.

Check out the exclusive playlist below—along with some personal notes on his top five tracks—and don’t forget to grab your tickets for Bassrush Massive here!

Mercer X SAYMYNAME “Wanted”
“‘Wanted’ is one of my favorite tracks I’ve made. This one always gets the crowd’s hands up!”

4B & Teez “Whistle”
“4B absolutely killed this track.It’s so simple and effective; it’s definitely one of the most hype tunes of this year.”

Slander & SAYMYNAME ft. Feli Ferraro “I Can’t Escape”
“If you want to cry and headbang at the same time just listen to this tune. This is another one of my favorite songs! I’m so glad I got to work on it with Slander and Feli.

Martin Garrix & Loopers “Game Over
“I love the melody and basically everything about this song from start to finish.”

Space Laces “Torque
Shoutout to Space Laces for making one of the most creative hard trap/bass songs this year. ‘Torque’ is just insane!”