The vomitstep crew went nuts after the Toronto-based Snails announced there was a massive remix project of his debut LP underway. Without revealing details other than some sick artwork and the reassurance that all his favorite artists were part of the project, the first of The Shell Remixes LP has finally landed featuring none other than the masked madman himself, Funtcase.

Taking on the already epic “Forever,” featuring Dion Timmer and vocalist KLP, Funtcase goes beastmode and gets listeners hyped for the full-on hammer that’s about to drop when the full-length remix album is unveiled. From the stuttering live percussion at the intro to the melancholy vocals that elevate the tune from your standard run of the mill banger, it isn’t until that drum and bass influenced hook drops that you know you’re in for a smasher of the highest order.

From there, the tune keeps crushing, hitting the switches and bringing on the headbanging vibes just as deftly as it winds its way towards a goosebump-inducing breakdown. Centered on a haunting piano, the tune spirals from the depths of melancholic despair to a straight up blitz of dancefloor illness that sets the pace for the rest of the remixes to follow.

This one’s out now via the newly minted Slugz Music imprint so strap on your helmets and prepare to get slimed here.