After melting faces with “Daemon Veil” two years ago, G Jones and EPROM lock horns once again and deliver a synapse-frying cut in the form of “On My Mind.”

The lead single from the forthcoming collaborative Acid Disk 2 EP, the leftfield-leaning tune serves as an exquisite gateway into the glitched-out twisted realm that the full EP is sure to offer.

Pulling us in with a breakbeat and acid flex, “On My Mind” quickly swerves into distorted 808 territory where the wheels melt off the ride and the steel beams that keep it together begin to slide into a soundscape of shattering glass and razor-sharp blades coming apart at the seams.

Vocal stabs keep things grounded while the gut-wrenching bottom end threatens to undo the very fabric of reality. It’s a bold and epic move that solidifies their place at the vanguard of the bass music movement. One that has to be experienced as much as it is heard.

G Jones and EPROM’s “On My Mind” is out now on all platforms now so strap yourself in and check it here.