With the smoke still settling from the success of “Back It Up,” G-Rex and Sully add The Arcturians into the mix for the second single off their Fusion EP on Wakaan, and the results are everything we’d hoped it would be.

Heading straight for heartbreak territory from the get-go, the dark and deadly melodic bass vibes of “How Much Further” showcase just how much flex G-Rex and Sully are capable of.

As G-Rex tells it: “When Sully and I decided we wanted to make a full EP together, we each started a couple concepts and sent them back and forth. ‘How Much Further’ was one that he started and sent to me. We had a weekend writing session up in northern Michigan where we wrapped up most of the EP together before sending this track to The Arcturians for vocals. They had them done super fast and absolutely killed it. This is the most feelsy track that we have on the EP but definitely still has elements of both of our signature sounds.”

While the cinematic atmospheres and slow-burning vocals keep things in the clouds, fans of the filthier side of things should have no problem embracing the filthy beast that lurks at the heart of the tune proper. The vocal elements merge seamlessly with the underlying existential angst the tune seems to conjure up so well, an element that Alicia from The Arcturians relates to the darkness we collectively seem to be experiencing as a species:

“The meaning of the lyrics can be different for everyone, but to me it is about how the world is clearly changing in front of our eyes with all these negative things that are happening to the earth, the animals and us. It is so exhausting to see all this pain and suffering, but the hope that we can turn things around is still there! The hope that we will live in peace with one another as equals and help each other through the toughest of times and repair the damage that has been done to this planet is still there, it’s not too late to change for the better. We can find a way to raise our vibrations to lift each other up.”

To ride the vibe and align your vibrations with the very best that G-Rex and Sully have to offer, check the heat below and be sure to catch the duo live in the flesh as they support PEEKABOO’s Black Hole Tour this fall, with Sully popping through Champagne Drip’s Champagne Trip Tour on select dates in November.

Until then, be sure to lock your own copy of “How Much Further” in here.