Originally making his mark as part of the Hungarian trio known as Spinline, Gamma is no stranger to center stage as the forward-thinking funk-fused trio has been running it steady on imprints like Ram, Shogun, Dispatch, and more. Drawing from a wide range of influences ranging from Mos Def to Daft Punk and Carl Craig, the deep and rolling vibe of Gamma in solo mode is the perfect fit for Total Science’s CIA Records imprint which recently featured Gamma dropping science in the form of “Long Day” and “Redland Kru.”

Having settled in the UK for many moons now, Gamma’s DJ sets have become an integral part of the Bristol-based Collective nights, reflecting his varied output as a solo artist on imprints like Shogun Limited and Dispatch.  From the dark and jazzy side of the dancefloor to the old-school breakbeat driven brooders, Gamma continues to flex in a most impressive way.

To get a sense of the kind of control the man wields not only in the studio but when he’s hot in the mix, we managed to land an exclusive guest mix sure to keep your head nodding and ass shaking whether you’re in the office or already prepping for the weekend still to come.

Wrap your head around the grooves below and be sure to snag Gamma’s latest single on CIA Records here.