The Belgian bass duo known as Ganja White Night have come to conquer the bass music arena through a plethora of club shows and festivals alike over nearly a decade with their signature wobble sound. Having built nothing short of an empire through an extensive discography, there is no shortage of bass heavy tracks that the crew continues to offer up for listeners around the globe. Coming off the height of releasing their album The One, the duo has also embarked on their largest tour to date to celebrate the accomplishment.

Set to touch close out the tour on a proper note with the Bassrush fam in Los Angeles this Saturday at the Hollywood Palladium, we decided to have a chat with the masterminds behind the influential name that is Ganja White Night. Check out the below interview for a behind the scenes look regarding all things about the tour, their recent album release, and reflection on the last decade. And be sure to snag your tickets to catch them this Saturday in Los Angeles here!

Thanks so much for chatting with us! How are you guys doing?
Thank you guys for having us! We’re doing great, thanks a lot for asking.

How’s tour life treating you guys?
Not too bad I am happy to say!

What does your daily routine look like while on tour?
Well, I’d say first thing is checking the phone, taking a ginger shot, some vitamin pills, and then a coffee. Checking out the venue is next. Checking out the green rooms and giving hugs to everyone who are already awake or just waking up. Then, we slowly get ready for soundcheck. After soundcheck, we usually do a light dinner and then the music starts. Subdocta’s intro marks the beginning of the night, followed by Jantsen and Boogie T, and then we give all the energy we have. After our set, we’re back to the green room for some food, jokes and beers. Then we go back to the wobble bus for sleep and waking up in another city to do it again.

This is certainly your largest and most impactful tour to date. Can you talk a little bit about your vision and how it came to life?
The concept for this tour was to throw the most unified and original show we have ever done. I think we’ve never been fully satisfied with the way our whole show flows.  We want to tell a story with our music and visuals. It has always has been one of our goals to make people dance and rage, but also travel between all different kinds of emotions. We feel really happy with where we got the tour performance and visual experience. Ebo, who creates all our art, was a big piece of accomplishing this with the backing, of course, of our full creative and production team.

How did you go about picking support for this tour? It’s a great cohesive lineup that seems to take fans on a journey from start to finish of the show.
Well, I am happy to say we’re all friends. We toured with  Boogie T back in 2017. Many of those shows were small rooms so once things picked up, we always felt like we had to bring this tour back. We’ve played a few time with Subdocta and he’s a member of the Subcarbon Records Family. The new one for us was Jantsen.  We had him out to our GWN & Buds show in Minneapolis at the Armory.  We didn’t get to spend much time together that day, but his performance was great and he is a close friend of Dirt Monkey who was on our previous tour and said we would really enjoy each other’s company on tour. Touring can be long and hard. It helps to be on the road with people you consider friends, so that’s always been the goal for us when putting together “support.” Happy to say we connected really well with the character that Jantsen is!

Can you talk about the inspiration for the album and what your writing process was like for this project?
We love telling stories that make people travel. For The One, there’s a little bit of everything and all different kind of emotions. The creation process usually goes from finding the soul to a track which could be anything from a melody, a sample, an interesting synth patch… and then once upon a time…

Photo by Drew Ressler/

It’s amazing to see how much you have grown over the past decade and continued to make your mark on the ever-evolving genre of bass music. Can you talk a little bit about your journey over the years and how that’s brought you to where you are today as artists?
[Laughs] Yeah at times it’s still hard to believe that we’re doing what we’re doing today! It’s a surreal feeling when you begin to surpass your biggest dreams. I recall talking with Erwan when we were about 18, about how cool it would be to actually be able to play our music to big audiences and live on our music. It took us more than 10 years to finally achieve that goal. I think we almost quit a few times and we had some tough years, but all our decisions, good and bad, have led us here. We’re really happy right now and humbled by the support we receive.

We’re so excited to see you at The Palladium this weekend! Can you dish on some surprises you might have up your sleeves that are special to the L.A. stop?
We had quite a few different sets that we played along the tour. I am pretty excited to create a “Best Of” for the tour finale in Los Angeles. L.A. is our new home.  We moved here in July of this year, so we want to do something special. We’ve doubled the amount of subs the Palladium has so the show should move you!

Any last shouts before we wrap things up?
Our crew–they were amazing the whole tour.  We’re so proud and honored to be able to work and be friends with so many talented people. SO, BIG SHOUT OUT TO : the management team, Alex Heiligman and David Liberman. The Antic Studios crew, Ryan Warffuel, Collin Thielen, JD Vanderwiel, Max Koehler, Max McDougall, Ben Wendt… Our media & camera operator Shutterfinger, our merchandise manager & seller Robbie McPhail & Codie Early. Of course our bus driver Scott Brown & Semi driver Nashville who got us from city to city.

Of course Brock (Boogie T), Preston (Subdocta), Jantsen (Jantsen), Joshua (Kooz) who are all amazing and wonderful humans.

Really, to everyone at the shows or at home supporting our music. Words can’t describe how much you mean to us.

Brb crying.