Coming hot off the heels of a massive set with the Bassrush family at Countdown, Gentlemens Club gift their fans with another treat to kick off the year proper. What may look like an unlikely union, the UK trio set sink their teeth into one of Marshmello’s collaboration with Blackbear and Yungblud  “Tongue Tied” for a gritty rework. In proper fashion, these dudes never leave a stone, or genre in this case, unturned.

“As soon as we heard the original we knew we had to pay homage to the 2010 UKF era of Dubstep that we all fell in love with,” Gentlemens Club says. Paying homage to the original track, the crew allow the signature Yungblud vocals of the original to shine while easing in a low end basslines before diving in head first into high synths that’ll bring on some serious nostalgia for any seasoned bass heads out there. Coupled with a chest rattling bassline, the anthemic chorus comes in full force that while keeping things old school in true Gentlemens Club style.

Once again, the lads push the boundaries of bass music while bridging two genres into one cohesive track with a special Gentlemens Club twist. Leaving us with one last note Gentlemens Club says, “We hope you all enjoy the remix as much as we enjoyed producing it and it transports you to the hay days of the Youtube Dubstep remix era.” Get your copy of their remix of “Tongue Tied”  here!