Gentlemen’s Club’s Top Bass Music Cuts of 2015
Gentlemen’s Club’s Top Bass Music Cuts of 2015

Ever since heavyweights Coffi, Soloman and 50 Carrot joined forces under the Gentlemen’s Club moniker in 2013, the trio has hit it hard with a series of high-profile releases and a string of successful tours, all while staying “100% independent.” Having crushed it with two albums and three EPs under their belt as well as countless sold-out shows across the globe this past year, the Gents take a quick breather and look back at their favorite tunes of the year.

SKisM x Trampa “Black Hole” (Never Say Die)
This track blew us the fuck away when we first heard it! Soloman was the first person to show us the track before a show and we were speechless. The collaboration is the perfect mix between both artists and the sound design is flawless throughout, while the aggressiveness of the track makes it ideal for a rave. It would be incredibly rude not to have this in our Top 5 Tunes of The Year and we feel it should be top!

Phiso “Jotaro” (Smog)
Ever since we got sent this tune, we’ve played it in every single set—and it always goes down well! It’s just a perfect dubstep banger! You can play it at any show and everyone will go absolutely crazy! It’s both heavy and unique. Big shout out to Phiso, he absolutely smashed this one.

Hedex “Forever” (Dubz Audio)
This year we have been experimenting with drum & bass a lot more within our sets and it has been getting an amazing reaction from the people. We’ve been following Hedex for a hot second now and he’s never failed to deliver when it comes to dancefloor smashers. One standout song for us has to be his track entitled “Forever,” which has caused nothing but carnage at each show we’ve played.

Thelem “Haunted Harmonics” VIP (Unreleased)
Thelem is a favorite in our books! We were massive fans of the original “Haunted Harmonics,” and when we got our hands on the VIP we were seriously impressed with it. We don’t have the opportunity to play this out as much as we’d like, but when we do play it out people know what’s good and it usually becomes a talking point after our set!

Young Thug “With That” ft. Duke (Atlantic Recording)
Most of the time when we’re hanging out together and not producing music, we’re listening to rap or grime. We’ve been listening to Young Thug for a while and his style is something else. Not everyone likes his music but we think it’s good music to just zone out to! Hunnid’ bands, hunnid’ bands.