You might recognize FRQ NCY from his featured track “Rubberband” on our compilation album The Prophecy: Volume 1, or from his Valentine’s Day treat “Love + Hate,” also released through Bassrush Records. After stirring up some buzz, FRQ NCY is now ready to release his new EP, Broken Patterns. His intent with the EP was to “create music that carries a feeling that people can relate with on a personal level, but vibe with on the dancefloor.”

The EP begins with “Broken Patterns,” the track that gave the EP its name. We are introduced to an aggressive snare, squirming robotic noises, and a distant yet intimidating bass. The music begins to ramp up as if it were a machine booting up. Everything gives way to a hefty, thick bass which is the centerpiece for what resembles an experimental trap beat. The track draws elements from multiple genres, yet is something entirely its own. “Broken Patterns” sets a strong tone for the rest of the album, warming us up for unexpectable sounds ahead.

The second track on the EP is “Love + Hate,” FRQ NCY’s most recent record on the Bassrush catalog, and it’s a cut that we love so dearly. This track is beautiful, groovy, and electrifying, all while illustrating a conflict between the contrasting elements from the cut’s namesake. 

“Pins and Needles” dips us into a dreamy and atmospheric world of sonic bliss. Seemingly out of nowhere, the song takes a turn and hits you with a wrenching drop that’s much louder than a pin drop, which is sure to bring out your bass face. The track is characterized by the “pins and needles” sensation brought by the sharp and quick synths that prickle your ears throughout.

One of our favorites from The Prophecy: Volume 1 compilation, “Rubberband,” presents us with a stretching synth that slingshots into a gnarly bass that slaps you in the face. The song is appropriately named due to the uniquely elastic feel it carries.

Lasty, “Wyvern” ends the EP on a quirky and ominous note. This track has a certain sway to it that you’ll just have to experience for yourself. The eerie ending wraps up the EP while leaving us craving for more.

Overall, Broken Patterns was unpredictable and refreshing. We are proud of FRQ NCY for continuing to develop his sound, and we can’t wait to continue watching him grow as an artist.

Available on all platforms here.