Sharp static buzzes as an abrupt shout echoes. Cryptic noises float behind the steady beat. No time is wasted getting to the drop. The bass is dissonant as opposing frequencies fight one another, which creates a pleasingly off-putting sound. This creation sounds like a computer is attempting to speak, but what does it mean? Digital Ethos keeps the song dynamic by constantly mixing things up. There is a strange vocal-like sound as the bass takes a break before coming back thicker and grittier. ‘E352’ is true to Digital Ethos’s signature sound, yet it is full of fresh ideas.  

Team Bassrush got the chance to chat with the mastermind himself beyond just his latest release.

How have you been holding up during all this over the last few weeks? What’s been keeping you busy?

It’s definitely been an interesting few weeks to say the least.  I feel like I’ve been doing well so far. Just trying to stay healthy and productive.   Some days though I can tell I’m really not feeling it, and that is when the day will drag.  Other days I feel like fly by for the most part. I just recently downloaded a free-to-use 3D software called Blender, which has been a lot of fun to learn.  It’s been a great thing to do when i’m taking a break from producing.

We love how ominous and gritty your new track “E352” is, can you tell us a little bit about it?

It definitely has some dark/eerie aggressive vibes to it. I tend to gravitate toward that style of writing.
This track is actually something I started almost a year ago.   It has been re-worked a number of times, mainly because I didn’t finish it right away lol.  I always find though, that the end result can end up being better the longer you wait.  I’m glad I can say that I like it as much today (despite listening to it a million times) as I did when I was writing it.

What sets you apart from other producers?

If I had to say one thing I guess it would be diversity in music style.  Also unique creativity, which everyone is capable of.
Where I feel that I do my best is keeping things fresh, and one way I like to do that is producing at different tempos.
E352 (in my opinion) is a result of going a year since my last half-time style release (Caughta).

For the producer nerds, what is your favorite plugin?

If I had to recommend 1 plugin that has been a game-changer for me, it would be Ozone 9 – Low End Focus.
It essentially cleans up and shapes the low-end (where there would typically be some mud or rumble) of whatever you apply it to.
Definitely has been the most useful one I’ve found as of recently.

What was it like going b2b with Chee for your Digital Cheethos sets you two performed at Electric Forest and as support for Subtronics at the Palladium?

Damn, it hurts thinking about those shows during this quarantine!!!  I absolutely love doing the Cheethos b2bs.  Getting to play shows with Chee has been really good for me. We work well together, effortless at times.  Those 2 sets in particular are some of the most memorable shows I have ever played.  Getting to share the stage with someone and play for thousands of people is definitely a blessing.  He has become a very close friend.

Following up on the Subtronics Digital Cheethos set, how was it playing for the Subtonics crowd during the Cyclops Invasion Tour?

It was honestly amazing!  Everyone was super receptive to the Cheethos sets.  Subtronics is an amazing person and that energy definitely shows in his fans.  In addition to the crowds getting down, the venue’s that we got to do these Cheethos sets in were MASSIVE. It was an all around great experience. I would do it again anytime.

If you could only listen to three albums in quarantine, which three would you choose?

Deep Sky Objects
Eternal Atake

Do you have any advice for people having a difficult time staying at home and quarantining?I would say to focus on making positives out of your current situation. I’ve used my extra time learning new things for producing, and now more recently, the graphic design side of art. Find a new hobby, read a new book, anything that requires you to learn something.  Direct your time and efforts into doing something positive for yourself.  Also, some form of daily exercise will do wonders to the mind and body.

‘E352’ is available now on all platforms.