Hot off the heels of his sizzling single, “Grey Matter,” Buku returns to Wakaan with another massive dose of bass-fueled flex. Swerving into summer with the addidtive, bubbling vibes of the aptly titled “Mr. Clean,” Buku once again proves that it’s impossible to pin him down to any one style as he brings on the head-cracking sugar crush as only he can do.

As Buku tells us: “Mr. Clean is intended to be the embodiment of the fun, light-hearted side of bass music. After spending so much time working on darker, more twisted sonic landscapes, I wanted to flip the script and create something for the dancefloor. Honestly, the vocals were somewhat accidentally recorded as a pre-drop sample ‘placeholder.’ However, I ended up liking them so much and decided to keep them. [This one has] proven to be a dancefloor machine [and the track] has been getting outrageous crowd reactions all over the country, and for that, I am thankful.”

Having been smashing it up as direct support on the PEEKABOO Black Hole Tour, Buku plans to ease up on the touring for a bit in order to devote some long-overdue time in the studio.

Of course, for Buku, easing up on the touring schedule doesn’t mean he’s ghosting us completely as he’s due to provide a glimpse into whatever exclusives he’s cooking up in the lab at upcoming festivals like Ubbi Dubbi, Forbidden Kingdom, Project Z, Interstellar, and Global Dub Festival.

Until then, feast your eyes and ears on “Mr. Clean” as this one’s out now on Wakaan so lock your copy of this sugary sweet heater here.