Photo by Vince Rossi

GG Magree drops her first cut of 2021 via Dim Mak and it’s a massive rock and trap hybrid sure to drop jaws all summer long.

Hot on the heels of her 2020 debut on Dim Mak with “Nervous Habits”, GG Magree returns to center stage with a high-powered single sure to have you feeling all kinds of emo when it drops.

Fusing rock, dubstep, and trap influences along the way, the moody vibes that form the core of the heater is complemented by GG’s ever-essential vocals that drive it all home.

As GG tells it: “I’m such an intense lover. I think I buried myself somewhere when I wrote ‘Loving You Kills Me.’ You know that feeling ‘I want to be with you till I die’ or ‘I love you so much I want to eat you alive.’ That’s how I love and why I gave birth to ‘Loving You Kills Me.'”

Even though the tune is dripping with emotion, don’t be fooled into thinking this one is soft. “Loving You Kills Me” hits hard with just enough darkness lurking around the edges to give this one an electrifying sizzle.

This one is out now on Dim Mak so prepare to get hit where it hurts and lock yours in here.