GLXY Puts a Spin on Magnetude’s “Before the Dawn”
GLXY Puts a Spin on Magnetude’s “Before the Dawn”

Magnetude signed off a productive 2018 with the stunning “Before the Dawn” featuring vocalist Julia Marks on Ram Records. The tune showcased the pair’s ability to craft a song as well as their instantly recognizable dancefloor bangers, with the release even finding its way onto TV as the soundtrack to the FA Cup football highlights on the BBC.

Flash forward to the present and the tune gets the remix treatment by Shogun Audio’s GLXY, who flips it into a more liquid standard. Elements of the original are filtered, reverted and layered over rolling drum patterns, while Marks’ vocal is given a haunting, ethereal texture. GLXY have put their unique style and vibe across in the remix, which takes the original into sleek new territory.

“With this remix, we wanted to completely switch up the tune but keep in the main elements, which were super easy to work with as they are great. It’s really nice to be releasing on such a legendary label, too. Big ups to Ram, Magnetude and all involved,” says GLXY.

Magnetude expressed, “We are massive fans of GLXYs work so when their name was put forward to remix, we leapt at the prospect. Their remix is exactly what we were hoping it would be: a deeper approach that complements the story of what the original track was based upon. We could literally sit all day and shout about how much GLXY smashed this remix.”

This liquid stunner is out now via Ram Records so lock yours in here.