GRAVEDGR is hitting a heinous tempo on his new ‘Run When You See Me’ EP, featuring five inescapable heavy-hitting tracks for the Bassrush Records crew.

Despite his identity remaining an unsolved mystery, the reputation that precedes GRAVEDGR is enough to make even the bravest of souls act uncontrollably skittish whenever the shovel-wielding masked producer is said to be lurking around the corner. With origins unknown, the rumors of him rising from ashes to wreak havoc on the bass scene were confirmed following a string of sinister hard trap releases leading up to his debut album, ‘6 Feet Under.’ However, coming back from the grave with 14 unholy soul-snatchers—including the festival-burying single “KAMIKAZE” and his inaugural number “RAMPAGE”—was just the start of his hell-raising saga.

In March, he bolted out with his debut on Bassrush Records with “RUN WHEN YOU SEE ME,” leaving a trail of bodies in its trap-infused wake. Shortly after, he flipped the script and led the hard dance crew to slaughter on the KURXCO-assisted “SHOW UP,” which saw him blowing up the spot over at its sister imprint, Basscon Records. As the first artist to ever connect the dots between the respective labels, GRAVEDGR is now ready to chase down both diehard communities with a crossbred five-track EP plucked straight from the darkest recesses of the dancefloor.

“The story of me, GRAVEDGR continues through my new EP,” he says. “Starting with the first single, ‘Run When You See Me’ tells a story of you, the listener, running from your worst nightmares. Throughout the subsequent tracks in the EP, it takes you on a frightening path with each song becoming more and more aggressive.”

“DISTORTION” creeps in like the opening credits of a canonical slasher film. On it, he enlists the stopping power of hardcore sensation HAARADAK. The two tormentors work in tandem to activate the fight-or-flight response, turning ominous orchestral tones and rawstyle-reinforced beats into a disorienting intro to the horror at hand. GRAVEDGR takes back the reins on the second cut, “RESONATE,” a solo scene marked by white-knuckling staccato strings and thunderous low-end. Croaking synths and chest-pounding bass carry the weight of a stomping bass track at first, only to blindside its victim with a nefarious hardcore switch-up set on not taking any prisoners. The freakish foot pursuit doesn’t slow up from there, but instead picks up in both speed and intensity on the titular offering—and then again on the aforementioned “SHOW UP.” “SCUM Bag” is the final leg of the nightmarish marathon, partnering up with Sydney-based Decim8 to put the nail in the figurative coffin. The closing number stalks its prey with disturbing spoken-word narration lurching atop a dystopic drop built around unforgiving kicks, twisted bass, and god-forsaken synth swells.

When all is said and done, the truth will dawn on rail-riders and the hard dance army alike: No one (or sound, for that matter) is safe when GRAVEDGR is hot on its tail.

Out now so lock yours in here.