Hekler and Mastadon Drop “Buggas” on Dat Ass for Bassrush Records
Hekler and Mastadon Drop “Buggas” on Dat Ass for Bassrush Records

Bassrush Records finally releases that tune you’ve been hearing all the heavyweights drop all summer long! Featuring Hekler going all-in with Mastadon in the studio, the resulting “Buggas” lives up to the hype with an unchained vibe that begs to be experienced on a big rig and nothing else.

Opening with a Vangelis-like intro that instantly transports listeners to some off-world colony, once the twisted vocal cuts in and rings the alarm, prepare to feel the rush as the cut shotguns you straight into mech-driven destruction. Imagine being chewed up and spit out of the bowels of some overgrown Terminator—that’s exactly what this cut feels like.

As expected, the sound design on this one is laser sharp, so when the crew winds it up on the second drop, be ready to get that head stomped in and those synapses rewired all over again.

“I can’t wait to unleash the Dong with the madman Hekler and the Bassrush fam,” Mastadon tells Insomniac. And as for Hekler? His response: “What the hek.”

It’s a huge tune from the Bassrush Records fam that’s sure to kick the doors in on the weekend!

Hekler x Mastadon’s “Buggas” is available here.