Herobust Flexes on “WTF”
Herobust Flexes on “WTF”

Hayden Kramer, also known as Herobust, stepped into the bass limelight with hits like “Sheknowshebad” and “Skurt Reynolds,” while his rise to the status of Trap Caesar has been due to colossal releases likethe  I’m Loud and Vertebreaker EPs. His recent releases such as “Debt N’ Eight” and “Blockbuster” show that Herobust can’t be constrained to any particular genre in EDM, and will continue to use his power of the bass to make the ground shake.

After dropping his latest collaboration with Monxx on “Giant Squiddim,” he comes barring with his long-awaited single that’s got us saying “WTF.” The track is the first single from his newest upcoming project, Not Your Average EP, which is slated to release in November.

While we still get to hear Herobust’s signature trap snare in the track, “WTF” is a vocal-centric, hard-hitting dubstep pandemonium, kicking off with haunting music box bells along with squishing synths and ominous kicks. Throughout the track we get an earful of “WTF” vocals with piercing metallic growls and monstrous bass. This hard-hitting track will definitely leave fans saying “WTF”andleave them wanting more.

“‘WTF’ was kind of a challenge I made for myself. Almost all the sounds in the track were made from processing and flexing a recording of the phrase ‘WTF.’ The result is, well, shocking,” said Herobust to his fans on SoundCloud.

Herobust also recently announced his WTF Tour dates for the fall, which can be found at www.herobust.com. While you’re at it, stream/purchase “WTF” here.