The ghostly duo known as Hi I’m Ghost deliver a dark and heavy four-tracker sure to bring on the dancefloor shivers and shakes.

Living up to the promise of its name the Raveyard EP features four skull-cracking cuts sure to release the beast within. From the punishing curb-stomping title cut to blood-curdling flex of “Land of the Dead” it’s obvious that Hi I’m Ghost aren’t your average friendly neighborhood specter. No, this is the kind of ravenous hungry ghost who’s out to have you either running in terror or stepping up and exorcising all your demons on the rail.

Have no fear, it’s not all blood and brimstone as “Forever” sprinkles a little magic rave dust over the proceedings before the funky groove that Jiqui brings to “Snare Song” is sure to have you shaking that ass on your way to smashing it out in the pit.

Of course, all of this mayhem is brought to you courtesy of Bassrush Records so check the heat below and download/stream Hi I’m Ghost’s Raveyard EP here.