Prepare for lift-off as Korsakov Music locks in three rocket-fueled heaters from High Maintenance and ALSO. Built with maximum destruction in mind, the sci-fi influenced Hypersonic EP is sure to have you and the squad chomping at the bit and eager to return to the front of the stage so you can let all the demons out on the dancefloor.

From the funk-flex of “Here We Go Again” to the shapeshifting “Party Every Day”, its obvious that High Maintenance and ALSO are at the top of their game. Still, the lead track off the EP that we’re premiering today elevates the game to an entirely new level as the mind-meld between the two makes for an epic ride into the heart of the wall of bass at the core.

Unfolding like a genetically-modified beast breaking free of gravity, the whiplash-inducing adrenaline rush that this one induces is just the kind of filth we can’t wait to unleash on the masses when the time is right.

This one drops on May 1 via Korsakov Music so be sure to add this one to your arsenal of heaters and lock yours in here.