HOUNDS and SENOJNAYR Drop the Hammer
HOUNDS and SENOJNAYR Drop the Hammer

It’s hard to believe we’re only a week away from the Hucci and Bassrush takeover of the Exchange DTLA for a night of trapped out headbanging bliss! With the Veyron Arche label boss and all-around bass killer known as Hucci bringing a wild and woolly crew with him to deliver an unprecedented amount of heat, the latest single from his imprint drops to give you a sense of the kind of all-encompassing experience that awaits you.

Of course, we’re talking about the long-awaited “Wrath” from Hounds and Senojnayr, a tune that has been causing a stir behind the scenes for quite some time now. Used as a secret weapon by all the VIPs in the scene, this left-field leaning, weird and filthy bit has helped elevate both Hounds and Senojnayr to the forefront of one’s to watch in the scene.

Where the Canadian-born Hounds draws inspiration from everything from heavy metal and hardcore to the likes of Dog Blood, Mr. Carmack, Jackal, Hucci and Flume, his counterpart on this release, the Virginia-based Senojnayr, cites Skrillex, Justice, Gorillaz, and Hudson Mohawke as primary influences, a convergence that sets the stage for their unique and irresistible sound.

“Working on this tune with Hounds was very, very, very cool but also was a very, very, VERY long process,” Senojnayr tells us when asked how the collaborative tune came together. “It took so long because I didn’t want to stem out all of the tracks because there were so many, it took literally a year and some change for this to be completely finished. I honestly feel as if it was worth the wait though as getting a release on [Veyron Arche] always feels like something special because their taste in music is very distinct.”

“It was definitely a long process,” Hounds agrees. “But we’re really humbled to have it released on a label we really respect. Plus, Ryan [Senojnayr] was awesome to work with—dude is super talented and we hope to work together more!”

Deep, dark, and deadly at the core, “Wrath” is the one to turn to when you feel the crowd ready to go beast-mode on the dancefloor. Out now so lock your own copy in here and be sure to catch Senojnayr supporting Hucci and the crew at next week’s Bassrush/Exchange LA takeover in Los Angeles (click here for more info).