At this point it’s safe to say that Never Say Die is the undisputed king of dropping bombs on the dancefloor with each and every release. In a world overrun by a never-ending onslaught of tunes, somehow the cream still rises to the top and finds its way into the hands of the Never Say Die crew.

Take this beast called “Pressure” from underground gods Hydraulix and Mayhem. From the rib-rattling bottom end all the way to the teeth-chattering trapped-out top, expect your hair to stand on end when this one barrels through with its untouchable swagger and low-slung lean. Toss a little extra sauce in there from MACTurnUp on the mic and you’ve got a straight up streetwise bassbin destroyer that quite simply can’t be fucked with.

This one drops tomorrow so be sure to warn the neighbors and gather up the squad before you hit play on the exclusive premiere we’ve got below. Guaranteed to have you wilding out and bouncing off the walls, be sure to lock in your preorder of the full Crown Jewels EP here.