Hydraulix “Skanka”
Hydraulix “Skanka”

Snatched from the forthcoming Space Cadet EP on Wakaan by the interstellar bad boy known as Hydraulix, “Skanka” is the perfect gateway to the inner dimensions of outer space. Coming on like a DMT-fuelled ride to the outer edges of the universe, “Skanka” features Hydraulix at his very best in his never-ending quest to elevate the dancefloor to a higher plane of consciousness.

From the swirling atmosphere to the filthy growl lurking around the edges all the way through to the ragga-tinged hook and breakbeat shivers sprinkled throughout, plug this one into your “future classics” playlist as the wall of bass at the core is sure to be knocking skulls for years to come.

“This entire EP was a real journey for me and a chance to experiment with new vibes and sounds,” Hydraulix answers when asked about the inspiration behind the EP. “Over the past couple of years I’ve been really trying to progress my own sound and simultaneously try new things, but do them in a way that is both true to myself and the fans that have supported me all along.”

The results are everything we’d hoped it would be as Hydraulix tells us that the EP “honors the trap and bass scene that helped grow my career globally but also pays homage to the sounds of drum & bass, dubstep, and hip-hop that nurtured me as a young music fan growing up in Australia.”

Consider yourself warned as the rest of the EP is dipped in a proper mix of filth and cosmic dust so be sure to pre-save this face-melting synapse-twisting heater here before the full Space Cadet EP drops on Friday, July 26.