Icicle: 'Entropy Live'

Shogun Audio’s Icicle released a formal announcement and teaser video confirming that his long-rumored “Entropy Live” show is finally complete after a series of test runs and ready to unleash on audiences worldwide. With Skittles on mic duties, the live show promises to merge cutting edge visual production, live VJing, and musical performance into a bass-heavy, mind-melting aural and visual show that already has us begging for more.

Based on hardware, controllers, live synthesis, sequencing and analogue mixing, it’s obvious that the show is a concrete manifestation of the techno-sonic leanings of Icicle in the studio. “Sonically the show is a re-imagining of my album, Entropy,” Icicle says, “with some additional music from my earlier career and live improvisations. I think this show is about technical excellence as much as it is about depth.”

Keep it locked for more.