If you were lucky enough to witness the destruction IMAN rained down upon the crowd at the Exchange LA last month for Acquisition [A Kompany Xmas Party], then you already know what kind of bass-fueled firepower the youngblood has at his disposal.

Now that the new year is upon us, the Los Angeles native hits on all cylinders as his first release of the new. year drops as part of the Crowsnest Audio compilation album Cyanolyca Nanus.¬†While all the tunes on the compilation are worth checking there’s no denying that IMAN’s “Illest” breaks through the pack and rips its way to center stage.¬†Designed to level dancefloors with an unbridled aggressive stance and straight up skull-cracking vibe, the world-class sound design on display merges with a cinematic sensibility that’s elevates the proceedings to another level.

Looking ahead to the new year, IMAN hopes to pick up where his previous releases on Space Yacht and Rude Service left off, as he sets his sights on the festival circuit and prepares to lean hard into the neck-snapping rail-riding bass that he knows and loves.

Check the heat below and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from IMAN as he promises there’s more pain to come.