With heavyweight tracks like ‘BUGGIN’ and ‘Deep Space’ elevating IMAN into the spotlight, the 25-year old producer promises that the best is still to come as he continues to refine and evolve his sound.

Enter his latest, ‘Like Dat’, as Space Yacht Records locks it in as a featured cut on the highly anticipated¬†Big Bass Ting Vol. 3 album compilation. Wobbling basslines dripping with swagger steal the show as the head-cracking beats at the core bring on the shivers and shakes.

With an epic intro that takes its time ushering us into the cinematic dreamscape that IMAN crafts so well, the bottom quickly drops out as a distorted vocal chop kicks down the doors and unleashes the beast within.

It’s an epic look for IMAN and a standout track on the compilation as a whole so check the flex below and lock in your own copy of Space Yacht’s Big Bass Ting Vol. 3 compilation ¬†album here.