With the bass music scene alive and well, the opportunities for more artists to shine through with unique contributions are better than ever. With old- and new-school heads alike pushing the boundaries of the genre, we are always excited when we come across a new name that is not only gaining well-deserved recognition, but helping shape the progression of the genre. Among the growing number of exceptional producers is INF1N1TE, a Canadian artist who has caused a massive ruckus as he continues to climb up the ranks with his impeccable technical approach to his craft. With a series of notable releases on heavyweight labels like Firepower Records and Play Me Records,“Overrun” serves as a kick off to the artist’s highly anticipated US tour set to kick off this fall.

The tune itself kicks off with a sinister introduction that grabs your attention just long enough to drag you down to the untouched depths of bass oblivion. Things quickly take a dive into the deep end as INF1N1TE shows off some of his heaviest basslines to date, all while drizzling in synths that hit right to the core and pull it all together. If you’re looking for a tune that keeps you on your toes with a satisfying payoff, look no further than “Overrun.”

“Overrun” is out tomorrow, so make sure to reserve your copy here and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for more details on INF1N1TE’s fall 2018 tour.