Hailing from Canada, the DJ and producer known as INF1N1TE has been making monstrous moves in the arena of bass music with his innovative talents and has quickly proved to be an influential artist in the scene. Since introducing himself to the world as INF1N1TE, he has been recognized by Dim Mak and other prominent labels in the industry. Now, INF1N1TE returns with another powerful single with vocalist Luma.

“Unbroken” opens with a melodic introduction paired with euphoric vocals by Luma, and listeners are immediately captivated. But don’t be fooled—just when things get comfortable, INF1N1ITE introduces a cutting edge beat with a gritty, bone-crushing drop that sheds light on his signature style. Letting things simmer for a bit, Luma takes hold once again with her charming vocals before the second drop comes in to crush on a heavy note that leaves listeners in a dizzy haze of bass oblivion.

“Unbroken” is out now so grab your copy here!