Intercept’s debut EP on Eatbrain seems to have been only a matter of time. This New Zealand neurofunk artist has been making the rounds on the neuro circuit since late 2020’s remix of Teddy Killerz’s track “Shine” on Neuropunk Records. From there, ProtoCode snapped him up for three singles, two of which, “Nexus” and “Black Lotus” are still neuro festie favorites. Eatbrain came calling shortly after that, as did his first collab with LiveOn on the Mirage EP in August of 2021.

Intercept’s had an interesting release model these past two years. While he had track on Eatbrain’s Divergence IV compilation album with Sly Chaos called and releases on Surveillance, Play Me and SINFUL MAZE, the bulk of Intercept’s work in late 2021 and 2022 has been self-release (via DistroKid). This means two things. First, Intercept’s not the type to wait around for labels to sign his tracks. A&R be damned, says he. Second, he’s producing tracks faster than the labels can keep up with, which is impressive. Eiher way, you’ve gotta love the hustle.

Self-releasing hustle notwithstanding, Intercept is more than deserving of the recognition he’s gained from neurofunk labels, and he proves it with his upcoming debut EP, Infinty. Dropping tomorrow, December 7, a debut of such a neurofunk talent could only be on Eatbrain. Infinity is charmingly emotive and melodic while also containing all the elements that make good neuro. Opening track “Scarlett” has an interesting take on cyclone snares, with the spinning effect being interrupted at intervals, creating a stop-and-start effect. Meanwhile the melodic synths carry the track over these little glitch humps. The title track has another neurofunk classic, the double beat, but only in certain places. The synths here are also in a nice, eerie minor register but rather than being crunchy for tech effect, they’re clear, musical chords with very little distrotion.

These interesting twists on classic neurofunk form continue to the last track on the EP, “Sushi Man,” another collab with LiveOn. Here, the signature styles of both artists are on display, with cyclone snares and synths, some fluffy, celestial melody work in the breaks and a little funk added into the bassline and mixdown (where did that extra marching band tom come from at the phrase transitions?) for good measure. It’s such a comprehensive, well-blended track that even though both artists’ styles are on display, most listeners won’t be able to pick out what’s done by each; a true collab.

As a neurofunk artist, there’s really only one label you’d want for your first EP and Intercept nailed it with Infinity. He can technically retire now, or maybe pull a Signal/Imanu and jaunt off to make bass house and R&B mashups. As a clear neuro stalwart, he likely won’t be doing that but it will be nonetheless interesting to see where he goes from here.

Infinity drops tomorrow, December 7 on Eatbrain. Pre-order here.