Intimate 'Preludes' With Keeno

Still buzzing in the glow of his highly-acclaimed Life Cycle LP, the English wunderkind known as Keeno has delivered four new future classics. The tracks come from the goosebump-inducing “Preludes” EP, which will be released this month via Med School.

Driven no doubt by Keeno’s training as a classical musician, the EP shimmers with a level of musical intricacy that unleashes an almost unexpected wash of emotion as each individual narrative unfolds. From the vocal-driven soul of “One More Moment” to the sweeping tidal wave of energy on “Origin,” the feels are heavy and way too real. Don’t be fooled though, this is dancefloor business through and through, although this particular dancefloor is centered on an expertly-crafted, dreamy and even haunting emotional core that elevates each track to a deeper experience.

Nowhere does this sense of hypnotic mastery reveal itself better than when Keeno links up with fellow Med Schooler Whiney on the anthemic and uplifting “Dignity Found.” First surfacing on the Hospitality 2015 compilation album earlier this year, the electric guitar-driven melody shines even brighter here, and serves as a centerpiece to a stunning narrative that points to even bigger things ahead.

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