This long-awaited ID finally surfaces on Wakaan and we couldn’t be more stoked.

Born out of the unholy union of YOOKiE and Hydraulix in the studio, “Game Over” has been a certified festival anthem rinsed by the finest selectors on the planet, including Wakaan’s own label boss, Liquid Stranger.

Tripped-out interstellar vibrations are channeled into a sonic sweep of bass-fueled insanity as the crew dial it in with an intricate layering of elements that has crowds going nuts each and every time it hits.

As YOOKiE tells us: “Super hype to finally get this tune out. Was a such pleasure working with the homie Hydraulix. Expect some more collabs from us in the future.”

Hydraulix is also quick to follow up with his own take on the proceedings: “This tune has been one of my gate kept dubplates for some time now. It’s a hype club record that never fails to get a great crowd reaction. The YOOKiE boys and myself are super pumped to finally have ‘Game Over’ drop and can’t wait to see you turning up to it live!”

Don’t just take our word for it. Unleash this heater below and lock yours in here.