SuperAve. is a name you likely haven’t heard of before, but we want to change that. The mysterious Experimental Bass producer from South Carolina “embodies the postmodern sounds of urban street culture.” As a product of the 90s, SuperAve. Blends the “nostalgia of griddy 90’s hip-hop with a futuristic heavy sound design.” He has brought us a true gem with his latest single, ‘Chrome.’ The freshly squeezed track was just released on Morflo Records, a label founded by Mersiv. 

‘Chrome’ is a fitting name for the track, as it is shiny, smooth and metallic, but not dull or sharp like some metals. The electric eruptions of talky bass give your ears a literal tingle (sort of like bass ASMR). The drop bounces back and forth between this bright, full bass and a deep, dark wub. The whole track, SuperAve keeps every sound moving and evolving. “Chrome” is filled to the brim with an array of uniquely crafted sounds. 

SuperAve. has been on a mission to push the sound of the culture forward while still paying homage to the pioneers of hip-hop. We are itching to hear what else SuperAve. has in store as he continues his exploration through sound during his come up.