Ivy Lab close out 2020 with the third EP in their unofficial “grey-weather soundtrack” winter series. Having dropped one EP a month over the past three months, their latest outing features a dark and brooding vibe that fits the frenetic and often schizophrenic electricity in the air around the globe.

Having spent the better part of the past year battling the pandemic-induced freeze in the music industry, the North London duo Gove and Jay (aka Sabre and Stray) show no signs of wear for the worse as they rise to the occasion with yet another jaw-dropping release in the form of their Blonde EP.

The five-track EP drives straight into the heart of the machine with “Husk” before diving deep into the haunted shadows of “Q.Nix” and “Start the Clock.” The beat-driven hypnotism continues with “Gopher” resurrecting the cracked electric vibe of “Husk” before winding it out down with the distorted melody of the title cut. As with the previous two releases in the series, Blonde E.P features a gallery of images from photographer Above Ground whose shots serve as a visual accent to their partner-track, providing a synergetic effect that blurs the lines between the aural and visual in an impressive way.

While all fifteen cuts that have been released over the past three months could have easily been bundled as an LP, the decision to churn them out feels more akin to a cleansing ritual designed to make way for fresh energy the new year will hopefully bring.

As Ivy Lab tells it, “We had quite different plans for these 15 tracks, and then of course the world went to shit and we had to rethink at pace. Those original plans being disrupted might have been a blessing; the re-invention gave us some very welcome structure……”

This one’s available to stream worldwide as we speak but if you want to lock in a copy of this one as a more permanent artifact, be sure to buy yours here.