Jam Thieves Flex The Funk
Jam Thieves Flex The Funk

Straight from the north side of Sao Paolo, blood brothers Guilherme and Neto have been kicking a non-stop onslaught of minimalist bass under their Jam Thieves moniker that continues to drop jaws across the globe. With their unique vibe and technical prowess, the duo dropped a series of impressive releases on imprints ranging from Serial Killaz to V Recordings, Chronic, and Mac 2 before being signed to the legendary Playaz imprint in 2016.

Since then, the crew has leveled up with each and every release and their latest EP is a testament to the continued evolution of their sound. Rooted in funk but with an eye on the future, the filthy grind that the brothers are kicking on their heavyweight Overdose EP comes hot on the heels of the crew re-upping their contract with Playaz.

“Signing an exclusive contract was a dream for us,” Neto of Jam Thieves tells us. “Before signing with Playaz, even when we were releasing music through various other labels, we always imagined that we were doing music for DJ Hype. I remember one cold morning I woke up with an email from Hype himself saying that he wanted to sign us to the label with our first EP for his New Playaz imprint. All day we literally went crazy. After this great day, we never stopped and worked on each EP as if it was the first. To be able to renew our contract with Playaz, means a lot to us and we already have a lot of great music lined up for our next few releases.”

To celebrate the continued success of the crew as well as get a glimpse into the headspace of all things that Jam Thieves are crafting up in the lab, we thought we’d lock them down for an in-depth look at the jams that have and continue to influence and shape that inimitable street-level sound.

Check the beats below, lock in your copy of the Overdose EP here, and check their breakdown of their top five cuts from the playlist after the jump.

Marvin Gaye “I Want You”
“This one will give you lots of feelings and the melody is very, very beautiful. We really love the king, Marvin Gaye.”

Jam Thieves “Minimal Funk”
“We picked this one because out of all of our tunes, this one gets the most rewinds. Plus we really like the samples in this one.”

Notorious B.I.G. “Ten Crack Commandments”
“These are the main rules you need to understand in order to survive in the streets. Wicked lyrics on this one!”

James Brown “Papa Don’t Take No Mess”
“This is also an example of music that we really love. It’s dance music with a big swing and great energy.”

Racionais MCs “Jesus Chorou”
“The all-time best rap from Brazil with a big sample from Al Green.”