Long live the Queens of Bass as Jessica Audiffred locks horns with Steller on the official Forbidden Kingdom 2021 anthem, “The King is Dead.”

Channeling the medieval theme of the festival into the backbone of the tune proper, “The King is Dead” wastes no time strapping the listener down and putting them through a terrifying blitz of bassline sorcery.

With just the right amount of wonk to keep the crowd bouncing, the cinematic atmospheres that permeate throughout are sure to transport the masses to heart of the battlefield as the forces of good and evil battle it out on the dancefloor.

It’s a proper introduction to this weekend’s festivities and one that’s surely to have you and the squad going beast mode when Jessica Audiffred works this one into her set later today. Until then, mount up your stallions, your dragons, or cast your spells and be prepared to be transported into another time, another place, the world of the Forbidden Kingdom.

Jessica Audiffred and Steller’s “The King is Dead” is out now via Bassrush Records so lock yours in here.