Multitalented producer and vocalist Joanna Syze’s sophomore album Surrender has arrived. Straight out of your darkest drum and bass fantasies, the ultra collaborative mega-album does not disappoint. Known for her outstanding contributions to the techier, moodier side of bass music, Joanna Syze shines throughout the plush, 17-track offering for French label Othercide Records. Bassrush can’t pass up a banger, so check out the “Shadows” tune above and listen to Ms. Syze explain the tune, in her own words, below.

“Seeing as how I have a reputation of always writing or singing melancholic vocals and melodies on just about everything I do, I wanted to challenge myself and write a love song with happy lyrics but I soon found out it just wasn’t my style. I trashed all of the songs I had at the time and decided to start totally fresh with the album. You just have to let go of songs sometimes and that’s a lesson I learned fast by doing this album. I just ripped some of the stems of melodies and vocals I thought were worth keeping for new songs and that was the start of ‘Shadows.’

“It was actually the first song I began to work on for what now became the final version of the album. At the time I was working on Volatile Cycle’s LP as the Renegade Hardware’s label manager and just asked Dan and Jimmy (Volatile Cycle) if they would help me on my album idea. Then I had the idea of asking AKOV to see if he might want to put his hands on it. He said yes and just took the song to another level!”

Be sure to pre-save the entire Surrender LP here. It features massive collabs with Chris.Su, Barbarix and Zardonic, to name a few, and is out February 8 exclusively on Beatport and February 22 on other outlets.