The Canadian bad man known as John Rolodex returns to Metalheadz with a massive six-track EP that’s sure to bring on the old-school flashbacks and have you eager to get back on the dancefloor.

A pioneer of the North American drum and bass scene, Rolodex first appeared on Metalheadz sixteen years ago and proves he still hasn’t lost his touch. With his own Machinist Music imprint plumbing the depths of the deep and deadly side of the jungle-influenced end of the genre, Rolodex’s output is the perfect fit for the Metalheadz vibe that long-time fans have come to expect and know.

With ‘The Rainmaker’ EP on deck, Rolodex brings his flex to bits ranging from haunting to hypnotic and everything in between. Three years in the making, the EP is a testament to the vision and ever-evolving sound of Rolodex, and Bassrush is blessed to be able to premiere one of our favorite cuts off the EP: “La Bodega.”

From the eerie atmospherics that set the stage for the underlying funk-driven grind that the DNA of the tune is built on, the crunching teeth-gnashing stomp that unfolds brings on visions of those halcyon renegade days getting lost in the beats in abandoned warehouses or, if you’re from Cali, under the stars.

If you’re feeling the simmering sizzle of this one, be sure to check the full EP as it drops tomorrow, October 2, on Metalheadz and lock your pre-order in here.