Joker's Sophomore Album On Kapsize

Soulful and soaring, the king of purple takes flight once again. Bristol’s gem, Liam McLean (aka Joker) is set to release his second studio album, The Mainframe, on personal imprint Kapsize Recordings. Fans have been anticipating the album since McLean debuted a handful of tracks on his BBC Essential Mix in late 2011. If his previous album was a transition from grime to pop-sounding vocal territory, the latter is a transition from pop to cinematic scoring. Well worth the wait, the album is intended for a one-sitting listening experience, taking you through a range of emotions with perfected melodies and eccentric yet consumable bass music.

Fans of his original, bumpin’ 808-influenced grime sound are not forgotten as many cuts take on a lively feel with strings and horns stabs. Highlights include “Lucy” (with the chart-topping Sam Smith), “Love” featuring Rochelle, and “Wise Enough,” featuring clicky beats and breathtaking piano chords accompanied by Zak Abel’s stunning vocal.

Pre-order the 16-track LP here.

01. Intro
02. Boss Mode
03. Wise Enough feat. Zak Abel
04. Midnight
05. An Intervening Episode
06. Lucy feat. Sam Frank
07. Scene 1 (Qo, NoS)
08. Scene 2 (Neon City)
09. Scene 3 (Spirit Ruins)
10. Mahogany
11. Love feat. Rochelle
12. Fuzz Bop
13. Mixed Emotions
14. Wise Enough (Instrumental Version)
15. Lucy (Instrumental Version)
16. Love (Instrumental Version)