Slipping and tripping right from the beginning with a warped atmospheric intro, once Jonnie Boi and CVPTVGON hit the switches, this half-time bubbler is sure to peel back the layers. Unfolding like a psychedelic session of electrotherapy, “Tonality” hits all the synapses and is sure to push the limits of speakers across the entire audible frequency spectrum with its ever-evolving ride through the dark underbelly of some misfiring mainframe.

Representing the Nevada-based The Missing Links collective, Jonnie Boi and CVPTVGON are sure to bring some renewed attention to the heavy, weird side of the bass music spectrum so if you’re feeling this one be sure to keep your eye out for more face-melting sickness due to drop in the coming year.

As if that wasn’t enough, the crew is offering this one up as a Free Download through ToneDen so warn the neighbors, turn down the lights and prepare to dive deep into the other side by clicking here.