The St. Louis-based producer widely recognized for his mech-influences beats and chest rattling bass returns to Firepower Records with a brand new project to ring in the New Year in style! Aptly titled the Maximum Damage EP, the project aims for destruction from start to finish. As the masses await the full release, we’ve got a sneak peek into what’s in store as we premiere the opening track, “BREAK YO NECK. This one is definitely not for the faint of heart.

“BREAK YO NECK” is straightforward with its intentions to rattle your noggin. Opening up with a haunting introduction, the track warns to proceed with caution as the beat creeps in and quickly heads to the danger zone. Keeping you on your toes for what’s to come, the pulverizing bassline surfaces and takes hold and hits in all the right spots. With two bloodthirsty drops that settle in the forefront of your subconscious, JPhelpz proves once again that his talents are simply unmatched. This one is for you, loyal headbangers.

JPhelpz’s Maximum Damage EP is out on Firepower Records on January 9, so make sure to pre-order your copy here! In the meantime, rock it out to “BREAK YO NECK” to keep your senses tingling till then!