The first single off Kai Wachi’s forthcoming Skins EP on Kannibalen Records hits the streets today and the results are truly unexpected and stunning.

Teaming up with vocalist Lexi Norton, Kai Wachi flexes on a slightly softer tip than we’re used to with a jaw-dropping dive into the emotionally-charged soundscape of “All Your Lies.”

While he’s best-known for his rib-cracking beats and basslines, the versatility of Kai Wachi often gets lost in the mix so it seems only right to remind the masses of the full range the ever-impressive artist is capable of. From the goosebump-inducing lyricism of Lexi Norton’s voice on through to sweeping piano-driven interlude, the wall-rattling bass drop still reigns supreme and rockets the listener into an adrenaline-charged realm designed to hypnotize the dancefloor before bringing on the pain once again.

When asked about the meaning behind the lyrics, Lexi tells us: “[It’s] about realizing you got yourself into a relationship that wasn’t serving you anymore and taking your power back. It can be a really hard pattern to break out of — learning how to not make yourself small in order to make other people feel comfortable. I’ve done that shit for years and I finally feel like I’m cutting the tethers to that belief system by allowing my authenticity to shine. You will never be ‘too bright’ for the right people–don’t dim your light for anyone.”

Kai’s own thoughts on the tune fall in a similar vein when he reveals that “this is probably the deepest and most epic song I’ve ever been a part of. Lexi from Echos is one of my favorite songwriters/vocalists ever so I feel blessed to work with her.”

The tune is not only the perfect glimpse into the power of the full Skins EP due to drop in June, but also serves as a reminder that Kai Wachi is on a mission to shred his way through 2022 with untouchable style!

Kai Wachi’s “All Your Lies” featuring Lexi Norton is out now via Kannibalen so lock yours in here.