Kai Wachi’s highly-anticipated 8-track EP, ‘SKINS’ EP finally hits the streets and we couldn’t be more stoked. Dubbed the ‘Cry Wachi’ project for 2022 by Kai’s fans, the melodic bass pressure is in full bloom on this one as Kai hits where it hurts.

Riding the fine line between intoxicating hypnotism and raw fuel for the dancefloor, the EP as a whole is a testament to Kai’s ability to flex on all fronts while still maintaining his signature swagger in the cut.

As Kai tells us: “SKINS is a concept project that represents (musically) my melodic taste. Without coming off cocky I’m actually very confident in my melodic music being in its own lane, and I feel I showcase that well here.”

While the heady vibes are upfront and center on all cuts one of our favorites from the EP is the title cut, “SKINS.” Building upon the energy of lead singles “All Your Lies” and “Eternity” the goosebump-inducing vocals of YMIR lay the foundation for an immersive soul-rendering ride into a heavyweight bass drop that winds its way around your heart and won’t let go.

When asked about the meaning behind the name of the lead track and how it serves to frame the EP as a whole, Kai says: “The name itself is representative of my personal struggle with emotional intelligence and how throughout my years I’ve let emotions take over and control my life. This is my battle with that struggle.”

With all this talk of emotion and catharsis the battle-hardened bass heads out there may be worried that this project isn’t for them. Trust, the bass still slaps and the barely restrained tension that lurks around the edges is more than enough to keep the dancefloor hype. Above everything – it’s a stunning example of a producer willing to take risks while operating at the top of his game.

Kai Wachi’s Skins EP is out now via Kannibalen so download/stream here.