Kai Wachi’s Skull Season Playlist
Kai Wachi’s Skull Season Playlist

Since his start in the bass music arena in only a few years ago, the man known as Kai Wachi has been known to cause a ruckus and offer up something new and exciting with his unique sound design. Lately the 25-year-old producer has been known to bring a special flavor through his hybrid tracks, and especially through this bridge within hip-hop and bass-heavy sounds. As if his artistic influence couldn’t be taken a step further, Kai has launched his own label aptly titled, Kannibalen Records, while earning releases on some of the industry’s finest labels. Long story short, Kai Wachi is a force to be reckoned with.

If you want to check out Kai Wachi’s exclusive selections with a description to go hand in hand, check out what he had to say below. Don’t forget to catch him this weekend at Escape: Psycho Circus!

Oddprophet “Check”
“Oddprophet has become one of my favorite producers. His distinct sound and epic songwriting get me hooked every time, this one especially.”

Herobust “WTF” (Hekler Remix)
“Hekler always surprises me with intense energy and incredible sound design. Every track he makes I love and I was happy to see him get the opportunity to join me on the WTF Remixes pack.”

Gladez x Party Thieves “Death Blow”
“Gladez’s production, songwriting, and untouchable flow inspire me to focus on flow around the drums. Coupled with Party Thieves on this, it’s pure fire.”

Black Tiger Sex Machine x YOOKiE  “Snakes”
“One of the coolest, vibey bass tracks I’ve heard in a long time!”

G-REX “Saurus”
“G-REX is insanely innovative and I believe his unique sound is important to an industry where there are thousands of bass artists. ‘Saurus’ is proof of that.”

Honorable Mentions

G-REX “Rift
“Spooky vibes, fun, and very low-key but also makes me want to dance ever ytime I hear it. This is that epic sleeper track.”

Code: Pandorum “Wanted”
“This is my go-to workout song when I’m about to lift some heavy weights. Code: Pandorum has always been one of my favorites.”

Liquid Stranger “Hot Box” (Peekaboo Remix)
“Peekaboo has the perfect vibe of very subtle but hard-hitting sound design and has some of the most exciting tracks in the scene right now.”