The Bangkok-based Kartypartyy locks horns with the Myanmar-based heavyweight known as past12 and unleash a heavy-metal infused heater in the form of “RAGE” for the always impressive Barong family.

With both artists responsible for pushing the electronic music scenes in their respective lands, the anthemic mosh-pit vibes of “Rage” should come as no surprise as both artists continue to level up at the international level. Toss the inimitable hardcore vocals of Becko in the mix and there is no other way to start the new year than on this most heaviest of notes.

Merging bass, dubstep, and heavy-metal hardcore, “RAGE” wastes no time in turning up the heat and kicking down the doors. From the guitar-driven chords to the twisted mech-beast at the core, this one is designed for maximum destruction on the rails and in the pit so consider yourself warned when you hear this one barreling in towards the drop.

It’s a massive cut that hits just in time for the weekend so warn the neighbors and turn this one up loud as Kartypartyy and past12 light the fuse and let it rip below.